Saturday, 1 November 2014


what is crosstalk ?

- Electromagnetic interference received by one or more wires. It can cause errors,noise, or prevent cables from transmitting data. Twisted-pair cable, shielded cable, and keeping cables further apart help prevent crosstalk. 
- For wireless communication, crosstalk is a signal transmission issue that causes a disruption in another circuit or channel. For example, crosstalk could cause you can hear someone else's conversation.

when crosstalk happen ?

When crosstalk occurs it is difficult to transmit data over a network or the network card receives lots of lost packets. Crosstalk also occurs when there is more than one cable being used. The electromagnetic force of one cable may be sufficient to have an effect on another. Some cables are twisted to reduce the possibility of crosstalk.

There are two main types of crosstalk but both involve some form of unwanted noise between sender and receiver.
  • NEXT stands for near end crosstalk and happens at the sending end of the cable
  • FEXT stands far end crosstalk and happens at the receiving end of the cable


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